Jamyang Salisbury Buddhist Study Group
Jamyang Salisbury Buddhist Study Group

About Jamyang Salisbury  Buddhist Study Group

Our group has been running in Salisbury for ten years. Our teachers come from the Jamyang centres in London and Bath 3 times a month to teach the summer programme. We have visiting teachers coming from various countries several times a year.


We are a friendly and welcoming study group who are happy to share our knowledge and practise with anyone who is interested in learning more about Buddhism. We have a Monday night programme running year round and we also run a Wednesday night meditation class which is free and open to anyone who wants to come along.


We are an FPMT study group.


FPMT study groups are groups which are using this status as a probationary period before a group becomes a legal entity and a full FPMT center


FPMT study groups are not yet affiliated with the FPMT, and therefore do not have the same responsibilities as a center, financially or administratively. FPMT study groups are required to work towards beconimg an FPMT center, project or service.




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